Updated rules and requirements are effective Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021.


University of Pittsburgh campuses are closed to the general public, but open to University members and registered guests. University members can register a guest online. Registered guests will recieve a confirmation email that they are required to present, along with a photo ID, upon arrival on campus. By arriving on campus, guests are agreeing to follow the health rules that the University has in place at the time and are affirming that they are not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.


University housing residents will be able to host up to three guests during the school year at one time and they are NOT required to complete this form. Please check in guests through the residence hall security desk. 

Academic Visitors 

Academic visitors are governed by the standard processes usually in place for these individuals, rather than the protocols relating to campus guests. Information about categories of academic visitors, and requirements related to their time on campus, is available online.

Category 2 and 3 visitors, and those Category 1 visitors who are considered federal contractors, are subject to the University’s vaccine requirement.  They must show proof of vaccination or exemption as a condition of their visit.  Category 1 visitors who are not considered federal contractors may be admitted to campus under the University’s current COVID-19 related protocols for guests. Category 1 Academic Visitors must be registered online as a guest before entering a building.

Read the full Standards & Guidelines (PDF).


University events may occur, and any invited guests should be registered as described in the Guests section above. Events may involve food. Consistent with state and local guidance, the University no longer imposes a limit on the number of people who can gather and physical distancing requirements have also been lifted. All events must comply with Pitt’s Health Rules.