The Power of Pitt is a promise to our community. Every member is committing to adopt healthy practices, including wearing a face covering and practicing physical distancing and handwashing. The posters, graphics and other communications tools on this page are available for download, sharing and use by all members of our community.  They remind us of our promise and the behaviors we must demonstrate to keep our campuses safe and healthy.

Full-color posters are available in any quantity through Printing Services' online store

If you don’t see what you need to help reinforce the Power of Pitt, please fill out a marketing project request.

The University of Pittsburgh has never been afraid to do big things. We defeated polio, pioneered TV and heavier-than-air-flight and unlocked the secrets of DNA. And today, we face one of the greatest challenges in our history. And if anybody can work together to fight the spread of COVID-19, we can. 

Today, we have the power to keep Pitt safer, stronger and healthier. 

There is tremendous power at the heart of this institution. We have what it takes. We have the power to beat this. The power of healthy practices. The power of safer spaces. The power of smarter approaches. Together, we will show the world the Power of Pitt.